Khoi says:  Bride of Weapon X was something I did for one of my studio’s weekly sketch challenges ( The concept was to turn a classic horror movie character into a super hero/villain. I wasn’t sure what to do with Mrs. Frankestein Monster at first, but when I made the “mad scientist creates monster” connection between it and Wolverine, it fell into place. The sketch itself was done in about 30 minutes.

Khoi says:  “Flash Gordon was done as a door prize for the Lehigh Valley Comic Con one year. I was really in an Al Williamson frame of mind when I drew that, having poured over his art online for weeks already at that point. So I HAD to draw that, for sanity’s sake. I took my normal approach to the linework, but for the colors, I was pretty excited to try out Williamson’s color palette and watercolor style. It was fun.” 
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About Timothy Connolly

I'm a 1e AD&D loyalist who DMs sessions in Farmingdale, Old Bethpage, Plainview, and Huntington. Currently DMing the GDQ1-7 campaign. Co-creator of the Benchleydale And Beyond sandbox. Writer for Gygax magazine, & magazine, and the Brain Storm Think Tank podcast. Playtester for GP Adventures, Lesser Gnome, and Maximum Mayhem Dungeons.

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