We recently spotted Juan Bobillo, while cruising for burgers on Bell Boulevard, and here’s what happened:

Q:  What did you like most, about drawing the FF books?
A:  I enjoyed drawing the kids.  It was really fun.

Q:  What is it like, working together with Marcelo Sosa?
A:  Marcelo is the best inker of all, and a great friend. He can hit really tough deadlines.  The best.

Q:  When’s the last time a comicbook made you laugh out loud, and what was it that you saw?
A:  I guess the last time was with some stuff of Quino.  He is a great Argentinian artist.

Q:  With so many characters to enjoy in the new FF stories, which character is your favorite, and why?
A:  I like the intelligent and peaceful Dragon Man.  He walks differently.  He is always wise and shooting smart comments.  I like him the best.

Q:  What is your favorite film from the black and white film era, and why?
A:  I love Charlie Chaplin and the Marx Brothers a lot.  Modern Times or The Kid.  Beautiful scenes there.

Modern Times, 1936

Q:  What is your favorite film from the color film era, and why?
A:  I like Martin Scorcese and Clint Eastwood.  The Unforgiven, I’d say.  And when I was a kid, I loved Indiana Jones, and the Spielberg movies.

Q:  You open a bottle.  A genie pops out and grants you three wishes.  What do you wish for?
A:  Bread, Cheese, and Wine.

Q:  It seems we won’t see Hank Pym or Janet Van Dyne in the Avengers movie.  What are your thoughts on that?
A:  They will have their chance.

Q:  Looking back on the last ten years, which superhero movie did Hollywood get right, and which one did they get wrong?
A:  Hellboy was really well done, and original.  I didn’t see Green Lantern, nor Speed Racer.  I guess they didn’t look so good for me.

Q:  Avengers versus X-Men.  It’s coming soon.  Who will win?
A:  Scarlett Johansson.

Q:  If you found the ultimate nullifier, what would you do with it?
A:  I would nullify something.  The earth, maybe…or a chair.

Q:  Settle a bet for us?  Who is the cutest character in Marvel Comics?
A:  The Thing.

Q:  If you can send any FIVE comicbooks into space, as representation of the entire human race, which FIVE comicbooks are going up?
A:  Snoopy.  Tintin.  Mafalda.  Spider-Man.  Evangelion.

Q:  Are enough comicbooks being published for today’s youth?
A:  NOOO…it’s never enough.

Q:  Is Valeria Richards already smarter than her dad?  Or does she still have a ways to go in that department?
A:  She is.  Women are always one step ahead.

Q:  What’s one thing about Reed Richards’ lab that most people don’t know about?
A:  There is a family of rats living there.  And more families (of rats) are coming.  Reed is a dirty fellow.

Q:  Yippee!  You’re going on a picnic!  You can bring FIVE things along with you.  What are they?
A:  Silvana, my girflriend.  Food.  Drinks.  Music.  Money (just in case we get lost).

Q:  What’s coming up soon, that Juan Bobillo fans can look forward to this year?
A:  I’ll keep you posted.  I’m doing lots of stuff.  Right now I’m drawing Francisco in Historietas del Sotano.  It’s an online character…going on posting every hour FOREVER. http://historietasdelsotano.blogspot.com/  DONT MISS IT!

About Timothy Connolly

I'm a 1e AD&D loyalist who DMs sessions in Farmingdale, Old Bethpage, Plainview, and Huntington. Currently DMing the GDQ1-7 campaign. Co-creator of the Benchleydale And Beyond sandbox. Writer for Gygax magazine, & magazine, and the Brain Storm Think Tank podcast. Playtester for GP Adventures, Lesser Gnome, and Maximum Mayhem Dungeons.

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