We recently bumped into Bong Dazo, while skyboarding high above the Adirondacks, and here’s what happened:

Q: What was it like, working together with Christopher Hastings on the “Fear Itself: Deadpool” story? Can you demystify that process a little bit for us?
A:  It was a rush of adrenaline!  Fun, wacky, and the story will catch you off-guard once Hastings delivers that “twist”.  I was doing two comicbooks at that time (Deadpool 37, 38, and 39.  Fear Itself 1, 2, and 3 by Christopher Hastings).  For three months, I was running around naked!

Q: Many comicbook readers are familiar with your extensive work in the Star Wars universe. Your name (and bibliography) even appears in Wookieepedia dotcom! How did you come to be involved with so many creative Star Wars projects over the years?
A:  I have a rep here, and it was a memorable experience.  Pure Awesomeness.  Just imagine drawing all those characters, which you could only watch in the movies.

Q: What are some of your favorite things about the Philippines?
A:  As our new slogan would say, “MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES”.  It’s the people that you meet, true to form, survivors at the most, and that’s why it’s a happy-go-lucky Republic…always smiling…always playful.

Q: What is the comicbook scene like in the Philippines? Are there many comicbook shops? Who are some of the more popular comicbook characters?
A:  Well, mainstream “komiks” here is dead, and it was reborn by the new breed of “pinoy comicbook creators”, leaving behind the old style that the people are reading long long ago.  Comicbookshops here are all located inside a shopping mall, so you’ll have to travel to get all those goodies that you want, but sometimes you can order it on-line and they ship out to you locally.  Popular local komik heroes?  Well, we have all of them, and some are even serialized in local TV like Palos, Captain Barbell, Darna, et cetera.  We have a wide range of pop comicheroes here, with powers ranging from flying to running!

Q: What are your thoughts on the digital age of comicbooks?
A:  When the digital age arrived, it opened up the door to all artisans, both here and abroad, giving them chance to contribute ideas in all aspects of comics, but as an illustrator I see the big leap in the “production side”.  Some of the great comic illustrators are now using hi-tech gizmos, as opposed to pencil and vellums anymore (hoorayyy for GREEN!!!!).  The communication factor is so awesome that you can now talk with both your editor and your writer in an instant.

Q: If you could be any Star Wars character for a year, who would you be, and what would you do?
A:  I really like those Jedi powers, man.  Levitating, knowing what’s in the minds of others, telling them what to say…if ever I could have those powers, Im sure that I would use it for the advancement of our society…and maybe go to Las Vegas…sometimes…well…err…e-games?

Q: What is your own personal comicbook collection like?
A:  It’s bits and pieces of old and new.  I really didn’t have that kind of a luxury during my wonders years, so that’s why I keep on buying the old comics.  I really dig those new comics coming out also.  And, since I can buy a bit, I also collect original art, both local and international.

Q: What has never been done in comicbooks before, that you would like to see done?
A:  I do have some ideas, analyzed situations, et cetera.  But, I am so sorry that I cannot tell you more about that.  It’s one of those aces up my sleeves.

Q: Who drives the coolest vehicle in comicbooks today?
A:  Was Marty McFly ever made into comics?  If so, then it’s the DeLorean!!!  Man, that’s so so kewll!  Next, of course, is the attack vehicle produced by Wayne Industries (the Tumbler).  And, there’s also the Deadpool z50cc Monkey!

Q: Ghost Rider is a woman now. So is the Red Skull. Loki was recently a woman for a little while. What’s going on around here?
A:  Some characters are born due to situations and the way story needs it.  I’m not really bothered by it.  It actually gives more leeway and new avenues to tell a story.  Well, She-Hulk is a woman right?  So is Spider-Woman, Batgirl, and even a female Joker (Harley Quinn), giving us fertile scenarios to play with.  It’s been done, and always be in the future, for more possibilities….hey, they even have a LadyDeadpool!  Now that’s Woman Power!!

Q: What is your favorite moment of all-time in the history of Marvel Comics?
A:  The moment Chris Claremont and Jim Lee collaborated, it was like Lee and Kirby all over again.  Did you feel the awesomeness during those days?  It produced hundreds of comic writers, illustrators, and even companies.  It was a Titanium age, man.

Q: Choosing from Episode I through Episode VI, which is your favorite Star Wars film, and why?
A:  For me its always the ONE…lots of breakthroughs in film and design visuals per se.  It was awesomeness at the first scene alone.  I was mesmerized the moment that Star Destroyer ship first comes into view.

Q: What is your favorite music from the Star Wars films?
A:  The Imperial March.  I really dig that music.  Whenever I hear that, I can see Darth Vader and his stomtroopers marching in front of the screen.

Q: Do you enjoy listening to music while you draw? If so, what kind of music?
A:  I was into Steely Dan, John Fogerty, Doobie Brothers, BTO, etc… But right now it’s always local news radio.  It keeps me informed, due to the situation in our country.

Q: Settle a bet for us? Who is the cutest blonde female in Marvel Comics today?
A:  Simple…EMMA FROST…..I-I’m burning now…and I need a cold one.

Q: Which comicbook character would you like to see get the Hollywood treatment, with a big-budget feature-length film?
A:  I would really like to see Millar and Yu’s Superior on the big screen.  Man, it’s colossal, and it’s fit for a Michael Bay film.

Q: Who is your favorite Marvel villain, and why?
A:  Deadpool.  Some readers think that he’s a hero, but he’s actually a mercenary.  So, if you have the big dinero, he is your friend.  But sometimes his brain just tweaks out, and he becomes a good guy.  I really don’t know whats happening to his amygdala.  That’s why I like him.  He’s flexible in any situation.

Q: When is your favorite time of day (or night) for drawing?
A:  Day into night.  Insomia is the number one habit of comics illustrators.

Q: What inspires you lately?
A:  My kids.  I will do anything for them.  They are my most precious of the collections.  Oh, and my wife.

Q: What’s coming up soon, that Bong Dazo fans can look forward to this year?
A:  I have some projects being laid out to me, but the projects have not yet been accepted by me.  Right now, I’m busy restoring my 1969 Honda Mini Trail.

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I'm a 1e AD&D loyalist who DMs sessions in Farmingdale, Old Bethpage, Plainview, and Huntington. Currently DMing the GDQ1-7 campaign. Co-creator of the Benchleydale And Beyond sandbox. Writer for Gygax magazine, & magazine, and the Brain Storm Think Tank podcast. Playtester for GP Adventures, Lesser Gnome, and Maximum Mayhem Dungeons.

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