Know what makes The Angry Archer angry?

10/11/2011 –
Ok, let me start by saying that I like words.  I’m not against having a rich vocabulary.  I think it’s a great thing that can really come in handy sometimes.   What bugs me is when you’ve got these words that really don’t serve a purpose.  It’s like having three different ways to say purple.  Just say purple!   If the different words somehow mean something different than the other variations, I’m totally on board… use the different words.  But when the word is defined to mean the exact same thing as a more commonly used word… stick with that.  Don’t go all “Scrabble Triple Word Score” like it’s going to impress anyone.  It’s not.  It just makes you look like an idiot.

Example – Purse.  Clutch.  Handbag.  Wallet.  Evening Bag.  Tote Bag.  Hobo.  Satchel.  Shoulder Bag.  
I realize that there are slight variations for many of these words, but seriously… you’re telling me that the world would stop spinning without each of these?  We can’t axe a few of them?   Are they really enriching our everyday lives?  Or… are they just pretentious snobbery used to sell purses?

Another example – Sofa.  Couch.  Lounge.  Chesterfield.  Settee.  Divan. Canapé.  Sectional.  Loveseat.  Daybed.  Davenport.  
Thankfully, some of these words are finally falling out of use.  Again, I’m not against some of them.  I know that some of them have their place.  But ALL of them?  Seriously?

This is almost as annoying as the whole “soda/pop/cola” debacle.  More on that in a future post.

10/6/2011 –
The word “jitney”

noun \ˈjit-nē\ plural jitneys [from the original 5 cent fare] : bus;   
especially : a small bus that carries passengers over a regular 
route on a flexible schedule Origin unknown - First Known Use: 1903

This word just bugs me.  Every time I hear someone say this word, it takes a lot for me not to stick an arrow in their throat.  The word is USELESS.  It’s a bus.  A BUS.  Here in NYC, there’s a bus company called Hampton Jitney.  So, you’ve got this elitist “Hampton” on there… what can we do to make it appeal to everyone?  I know… include a lame-ass word like JITNEY. Guess what?  It’s a bus.

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  1. Roger Silverberg says:

    Flash back to 1950s Atlantic City, NJ. Jitneys were small delivery vehicles that were converted to haul passengers with much greater frequency than the regular buses (Atlantic City Transit Co.). They followed regular routes (Pacific Avenue, around the Circle, then up Ventnor Avenue to the Ventor/Atlantic City line.

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