WINterview: Roger Langridge!

We recently encountered Roger Langridge, while in the produce section at the supermarket, and here’s what happened: 

Q:  What’s the latest chapter of the Roger Langridge story?
A:  Ooh. This week, I finished writing Snarked! #12 – the final chapter of the story arc I began in the first issue – and am feeling pretty pleased with it. Now all I have to do is draw the darn things… I’m thinking about what’s next now, but not before I take a few days off from getting up at 5:15am every morning to write. I think I’ve earned a lie-in or three.

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WINterview: Jim Calafiore!

Doug Hahner recently spotted Jim Calafiore, while bungee-jumping at Snake River Canyon, and here’s what happened…

Q:  You had nice run on Secret Six.  Who was your favorite character on the team?
A:  This is always the toughest question asked at shows, because I never ended up having a favorite character. I liked Deadshot because  I was most familiar with him from the Suicide Squad back in the 80’s; but I enjoyed all of them at different times.

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Panelpalooza: The Manhattan Projects #1

Sketches On Showcase: Michael Avon Oeming


Mike Oeming says: “This is from Powers #8”


Mike Oeming says: “This is the last page to Black Panther #527”

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WINterview: Charlie Adlard!

The Hourly Planet’s very own Glenn Matchett recently enjoyed some quality facetime with Charlie Adlard on Skype, and here’s what happened:

Glenn:  To start off, could you tell us a bit how you originally got interested in comics?
Charlie:  When I was about 6 or 7 years of age, which goes way back to 1972 (roughly), there were adverts for “Mighty World Of Marvel” on the television, which were the British reprints that Marvel started.  I remember my dad coming home with the first copy, as he’d decided to buy it for me.  Perhaps it was because I showed particular interest in the strips reprinted in other UK books like “Wham” and ‘POW’.  Anyway, he came home with it behind his back, and I remember being dead excited.  I latched on to things like “Adventures Of Spider-Man” and “Fantastic Four”.  I didn’t realize at the time that this was the first time that it had been chronologically reprinted in Britain ever.  So, to me, I think that was the slippery slope, to be honest.  Plus, round about the same time, a local garage was running a promotion where if you filled up enough you could gain points against comics you could buy.  It was a weird promotion, but it seemed to work because I got the first one, and I pestered my dad to go and fill his petrol up at this specific station so I could get another Astrix book.  So, unbeknownst to me, I was being indoctrinated on one side by the Americans, and on the other side by the French industry.

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Rantquake! (John Carter)

Welcome to an All-New category here at The Hourly Planet, called Rantquake! 
And here now, to start us off, we have I. A. Tollah, James Clown, and Sleeve Coat!
Take it away, fellas!

WINterview: Paul Davidson!


We recently had the good fortune of bumping into Paul Davidson, while stargazing in the Gobi Desert, and here’s what happened:

Q:  Which of the many Marvel mutants is your favorite to draw, and why?
A:  Colossus………drawing big metal arms is easy 🙂

Q:  Which of the many Marvel mutants is your favorite character, in general, and why?
A:  Nightcrawler.  I just love the look of him, he’s dark and can hide in shadows easily………any character that has the sound of BAMF! when teleporting, does it for me 🙂

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Hot Lights: Daredevil 8

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Kano

Commentary by Glenn Matchett

Ah Daredevil, how I miss reading you.  Many moons ago when reading Ultimate Spider-Man, and loving that book at its peak, I thought about trying other books written by Bendis.  At that time, one of them was Daredevil.  Of course, I didn’t want to dive right in at the team, nor did I want to start wayyyyy at the beginning, so instead I went with what I refer to as “a reasonable jumping-on point”, with the first hardcover collecting Kevin Smith and David Mack’s runs on the character, and going from there.

I became a Daredevil fan, and after enjoying those stories, and those of Bendis and Brubaker, I would pick up classic runs by the likes of Frank Miller in Marvel’s lovely Omnibus format.  You see, for cost and space reasons, I like hardcovers and collections, the bigger the better.  I understand the need to support comics monthly, and I do for those I can’t wait for (like Amazing and Batman), but with Daredevil I’ve learned to be patient.  I waited nearly 2 years for Marvel to solicit Brubaker’s first Omnibus, so I waited on finishing the Bendis run until then.  Now that Brubaker’s run is over, I wait on my hands for Marvel to bring out their next decent sized/priced collection.  Since then, Daredevil has had another relaunch written by legendary comic writer Mark Waid, and illustrated by past Spider-Man artists Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera.  I haven’t read the run yet, but it seems to be a bit of a hit, making many “Best Of 2011” lists.  After so many years of bleak stories by Bendis and Brubaker, it seems that Waid is taking Daredevil back to his core superhero roots, and making the title fun again.  I eagerly wait to read what he’s done up to now, but right now I’ve been lured into making a pit stop at Daredevil for a tie-in with Amazing, so let’s get going.

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Panelpalooza: Mighty Thor #11

Off The Page: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Commentary by Josh “J-Man” Shaffer

I turned on the tube today during my workout and a certain comic flick was on.  Having hated it every time I watched it, I decided to give it one more shot and jot down specific details every time it pissed me off.  My hand started to cramp about a half hour in.  The movie of which I speak is X-men Origins: Wolverine.  How could such an initially exciting project end up horrifically disappointing?

The reasons are numerous…

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