Hot Lights: Justice League 7

Story by Geoff Johns
Art by Gene Ha

Commentary by Nick “BatKnight” Young

They came!  They saw!  They conquered! 

Five years ago, the Justice League (consisting of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Cyborg) staved off a grisly invasion from the evil lord Darkseid and his minions.

They found a common cause.

Now, they are a family, and a full-fledged team loved by the people.

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Panelpalooza: Wolverine & The X-Men 7

WINterview: Bong Dazo!

We recently bumped into Bong Dazo, while skyboarding high above the Adirondacks, and here’s what happened:

Q: What was it like, working together with Christopher Hastings on the “Fear Itself: Deadpool” story? Can you demystify that process a little bit for us?
A:  It was a rush of adrenaline!  Fun, wacky, and the story will catch you off-guard once Hastings delivers that “twist”.  I was doing two comicbooks at that time (Deadpool 37, 38, and 39.  Fear Itself 1, 2, and 3 by Christopher Hastings).  For three months, I was running around naked!

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Panelpalooza: Amazing Spider-Man 682

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WINterview: Juan Bobillo!

We recently spotted Juan Bobillo, while cruising for burgers on Bell Boulevard, and here’s what happened:

Q:  What did you like most, about drawing the FF books?
A:  I enjoyed drawing the kids.  It was really fun.

Q:  What is it like, working together with Marcelo Sosa?
A:  Marcelo is the best inker of all, and a great friend. He can hit really tough deadlines.  The best.

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Sketches On Showcase: Khoi Pham!

Khoi says:  Bride of Weapon X was something I did for one of my studio’s weekly sketch challenges ( The concept was to turn a classic horror movie character into a super hero/villain. I wasn’t sure what to do with Mrs. Frankestein Monster at first, but when I made the “mad scientist creates monster” connection between it and Wolverine, it fell into place. The sketch itself was done in about 30 minutes.

Khoi says:  “Flash Gordon was done as a door prize for the Lehigh Valley Comic Con one year. I was really in an Al Williamson frame of mind when I drew that, having poured over his art online for weeks already at that point. So I HAD to draw that, for sanity’s sake. I took my normal approach to the linework, but for the colors, I was pretty excited to try out Williamson’s color palette and watercolor style. It was fun.” 
Khoi Pham on the web:
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WINterview: Jay Leisten!

We recently spotted Jay Leisten, while hot-air-ballooning high above the Andes mountains in Peru, and here’s what happened:

Q:  What’s it like working together with Kieron Gillen and Greg Land (on Uncanny X-Men)?
A:  Its been great so far. Kieron really understands the group dynamic. Its a big part of what made his creator owned work so strong. Greg & I have worked together for years so weve developed a synergy over the years that allows us both to focus on our strengths.

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WINterview: Cullen Bunn!

Art by John Jagusak, colors by Jason Robinette.

We recently spotted Cullen Bunn, while hunting quail in British Columbia, and here’s what happened:

Q:  Did you find it difficult to tell a new take on Spider-Man’s origin, when that story is one of the most re-told stories?
A:  It was a lot more difficult than I expected it to be. The goal of the book is to introduce readers who are new to comics (or new to the character) to Spider-Man… not only his origin but also a little bit about what the character’s all about. The trick, of course, is to write something that would also be fresh and interesting for long-standing readers. I worried over the story quite a bit before I ever started scripting. The good news is, Spider-Man is a lot of fun to write as a character, so once I got to scripting it became a little easier.

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